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Rim Strips

Bicycle rim strips provide a protective cushion between your metal wheel and the inner tube. Shipping is free.

Rim strips, or rim tape, protect your bicycle's inner tubes.  The spokes inside the wheel's rim can pierce holes in the inner tube.  These strips provide a barrier cushion, preventing flat tires.  They can become worn, however, which necessitates replacement.  The strips come in different sizes to accomodate various wheel dimensions. A new bike will most likely come with a starter rim strip.  Check the condition of your bike's wheels often and replace when you notice signs of wear. There is little you can do about potholes and debris in the road.  Properly outfitting and maintaining your bike can help prevent flats that result from wear and tear.  Nobody wants to walk their bike back to the car, camp or quit the race because of a flat tire.  Find your correct size at EquipBike.com.