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Bicycle Inner Tubes

Bicycle inner tubes provide the inflation of your tires.  A serious crash can be prevented by a quality inner tube.

Bicycle inner tubes need to fit your size tire to avoid overstretching, pinching or folding.  Any of these conditions may cause punctures, tears and/or undo wear.  The inner tube material needs to be appropriate for your style of riding.  For competitive road racing you might want to consider weight, to gain a performance advantage.  For downhill mountain biking, puncture protection is likely to be your highest priority.  There are a myriad of wheel sizes for road, MTB, touring and children's bikes.  The size is displayed on the tire wall.  Once you know the tire size you can determine the size tube you need. An inner tube may display a  size 700 x 20-28c so this will fit tires with a width between 20 and 28c. Then there are valves to consider. Schrader valves tend to be used on lower pressure tires such as children's and mountain bikes.  Presta valves have a slimmer stem.  They are found on higher pressure tubes such as on road bikes.  It is always good to have a spare inner tube, or two, so as not to miss out on your biking adventures. At EquipBike.com you will find the size and type to fit your needs and we will sip them to you free.