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Bicycle Handlebars

The bicycle handlebar type and width can make or break a great bike.  All these ship free!

Bicycle handlebars are more than just a place to hang brake levers.  The bicycle handlebar is one of the 3 points your body connects to your bike.  The pedals, the seat and the handlebar are the combination that give you stability, control and comfort.  Handlebar choices depend on your style of riding and your body size.  The correct handlebar will put your hands in the right position to support your upper body.  This will avoid putting strain on your neck and shoulders.  The correct bike handlebar will distribute and help balance your weight between the front and back wheels for proper handling.  New shapes and widths are now available with improved ergonomics and control.  Reaching the brakes and controls with intuitive comfort make your bike more safe. Changing your handlebar doesn't fix a bike that doesn't fit.  It will make your bike feel better. Making even small changes in your bar can transform an uncomfortable bicycle into your go-to bike. A well thought-out handlebar arrangement will give you hours of pain free riding.  EquipBike.com will always ship a new bicycle handlebar to you free.