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Bicycle Fenders

Bicycle fenders protect your outfit and your bicycle in style.  All items ship free.

Bicycle fenders, like a good roof, are really appreciated when the weather turns bad.  The rear fender will protect you from wet spray and mud and avoid that streak up your back.  With speed, a tire may even throw a stone to clobber you or knick your bike.  The front fender will keep your feet dry even in a light rain or puddles.  Any water and dirt kicked up by the wheels will spray onto your chain, derailleurs and brakes.  This, obviously, is bad for these parts.  The derailleurs will work better and longer.  Your chain will last considerably longer if protected from this filthy spray.  Depending on how you use your bike, there is a fender style to match it.  Road racing will require a light plastic style.  MTBers will look for a more durable, full protection option.  Clip-ons are easy to install and can be added on depending on the weather forecast.  For keeping you and your bike protected from road dirt and wetness, EquipBike.com will ship your bicycle fenders to you free.